Max the Black does Cardiff


Hello there!

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Maximilian Fritsche, a sneaker enthusiast from Cologne in Germany.

For those unsure of what I mean when I say ‘sneaker’: it’s basically a term used to describe shoes/trainers that are worn in a non-sport-related scenario. I plan on further elaborating on this topic in the near future with a dedicated blog post.

So, yeah… I am very passionate about shoes. I have been very passionate about them since I was 16. At the time of writing this I own a sneaker rotation consisting of almost 30 pairs. If you think that’s crazy, just wait until you hear/read the stories I have to tell.

Nike SB Dunk 4711 Portrait

I created this blog to share my sneaker-centric experiences during my journalism studies in Cardiff, Wales. These experiences will deliver insights into Cardiff’s sneaker scene and my personal sneaker rotation. This blog will also provide a look into my past with reflective sneaker-related stories.

Furthermore my Instagram @max_the_black will feature my sneaker rotation with on-feet shots of my favourite pairs as well as pictures showing off my newest pick-ups. I will also keep you updated on new blog posts and local release information via my Twitter @max_the_black so make sure you give me a follow.

“Say wuddup if you see me around, Nike Airs separate my feet from the ground”

– Mac Miller in Nikes On My Feet