Sneaker Spotlight #7: Sneakerness x Puma XT2 “Parisian Lights”


The Sneakerness x Puma XT2 “Parisian Lights” is (with exception of my one-of-one customs) the rarest sneaker I own. Only 150 pairs were sold at Centquatre 10 to mark the inaugural edition of Sneakerness Paris in 2014, though I believe there are a few more friends & family pairs.

Some of you may think that you’ve seen this shoe at your local sneaker store before. In fact this shoe is a special make-up of the all black XT2 from Puma’s “Snow Splatter Pack”. The only difference is the embossed “Sneakerness Paris” across the heels and the drapeau tricolore on the insole.


Other than that the SMU features the same buttery, black leather upper with an American schoolbook 3M-Print on the majority of it to act as the “Parisian Lights”.

So why didn’t I just get the general release, which is now on sale everywhere? I can assure you that it wasn’t the hype or the fact that there were only 150 pairs, I don’t care about that with any of my shoes.


It was more the opportunity to buy a shoe that would remind of this awesome weekend I had at my first Sneakerness in Paris and my time with Sneaker Freaker. Just like my Yeezys these shoes will forever be connected to the memory of how I came about getting them.

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