What’s On My Mind Wednesday #7: Five Releases I Hope to See in 2015

For this week’s WOMMW I am going to share with you five releases I am looking forward to in 2015. Obviously 2015 is going to be here for a while and there are some releases I don’t even know I want until I see them, but here are the five releases I am definitely going to try to get my hands on, should they drop this year.

5. Nike SB Lunar Janoski “Black/Crystal Mint”


My Nike SB Zoom Janoski “Crystal/Mint” is one of my all time favourites but although I love the look of the straight Zoom sole more, the Lunar Janoski is one of the most comfortable shoes I own. I don’t skate enough to be in a position to evaluate which of the two is actually better to skate in.

Nevertheless I would love to have a Lunar Janoski in the “Black/Crystal Mint” colourway. It is one of the cleanest colour combos there is, which is why I am such a huge fan of the “Tiffany” Dunks.

Disclaimer: The picture above is a concept created in Photoshop.

4. Air Jordan IV “Oreo”

The Air Jordan IV is one of the few models I actually like, despite its bulkiness. While I have been disappointed in the quality of previous Jordan releases the Nike SB x Jordan 1 “Lance Mountain” Pack really raised my estimation of what Jordan Brand is capable of.

The recent release of the Columbia IVs was the first in Jordan Brand’s remastered programme and the leather, while not as buttery as my “Lance Mountains”, was certainly an improvement from past releases. I expect the “Oreos” to be just as good.

There isn’t much you can say about the basic colourway – black upper, white speckled midsole and light grey accents – but together, especially with that black tumbled leather, the shoes look awesome and I am very much looking forward to picking this up when they drop some time in February.

3. Nike Dunk High CMFT “Red October”

Mostly, I will be getting these as a consolation for having missed out on the real deal last year but also because I am a huge fan of the Dunk. And not only that but they actually look like they were executed really well – the 3D-print on the collar and the mesh on the toe-box and mid-panel looks on point. Let’s hope the outsole glows in the dark.

I’m not sure what to think of the gold aglets though, as I do have issues with them on my “Wolf Grey” Yeezy 2s (as outlined here). But maybe I won’t run into the same issues if I just get these in my size.

These are scheduled to release in the fall so I hope the hype will have died down by then and they turn out to be an easy pick-up.

2. Adidas x Kanye West

I am not ashamed to admit I am big fan of Kanye West and I really appreciate his work, even though I don’t always agree with everything he does.

I don’t know what to expect of his upcoming releases for Adidas and I know for sure that I am not going to pick up everything he releases with the three stripes just because he put his name on them. But I am very much looking forward to seeing what he has been working on for the past year and a half.

1. Nike Mag

A no-brainer for number one – sneakerheads have been waiting for an official release of the Nike Mag since 1989 when Marty McFly power-laced these up in “Back to the Future II”. Only a select few were able to get their hands on the ebay auctions for the Michael J. Fox Foundation in 2011.

Tinker Hatfield designed this shoe for Universal Studios back in the day and he recently announced that his team was working on bringing us the Nike Mag with power laces this year. We’ll have to wait and see if he can deliver, but even if they don’t manage to bring us Power Laces this year I would still appreciate any kind of release.

And if they do I will try everything to get a pair on release. I don’t care if I have to camp for a week – for these shoes I would go the extra mile. And I will be keeping a “Nike Mag Fund” ready for when that day comes around.

What releases are you looking forward to in 2015? Let me know in the comments below!

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