What’s On My Mind Wednesday #6: Seasonal Sneakers

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog. I was with my family over Christmas and had a couple of assignments I wanted to take care of during my time off from Uni.

Now that I’m back in Cardiff I wanted to write about something that occurred to me over Christmas: What do sneakerheads do with their seasonal sneakers when the holidays are over?

I get the point of seasonal sneakers. They are special editions that will definitely find an audience in sneakerheads looking for a fitting pair of shoes for the occasion.

Nike traditionally releases a Christmas pack consisting of shoes for their contracted athletes to wear on court during the festive season. In 2013 Concepts collaborated with Nike SB to create two “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Dunks.

The time leading up to Christmas is very long and there is plenty of time to give your holiday sneakers some on-feet action. But when the holiday season is over it doesn’t feel appropriate to wear them.

At least that’s what I think. While the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Dunks were awesome and the ideal shoe for me to wear leading up to the holidays I know that I wouldn’t wear them again for another 11 months. And this goes against my wish to wear all of my shoes.

I would feel even worse buying a shoe designed for the other holidays. Halloween is just one day of the year and Easter lasts only the extended weekend. The anticipation for those holidays lasts nowhere near as long as Advent.

Granted, there are a few seasonal sneakers that you could wear outside the festive season. I was a big fan of the Asics Gel Lyte III “Santa” from 2013, though I never picked them up. And I used to wear my Adidas Jeremy Scott x Eason Chan Wings “Chinese New Year” all the time.

Many sneaker brands release special shoes every year to celebrate the respective animal of the Chinese calendar. I own a pair of the Air Force 1 Low “Year of the Dragon II” and I wear those frequently. Rather than associating them to the Year of the Dragon I just identify them with the the legendary creature itself. That seems a lot more complicated with a shoe inspired by a Christmas sweater or Santa.

But seasonal sneakers are not just limited to shoes designed for specific holidays. For example, the Asics x The Good Will Out Gel Lyte V “Koyo” was inspired by the colours of leaves in autumn in Japan. I wore them when all the leaves had already fallen from the trees, not that the leaves ever turned the same beautiful red as they do in the land of the rising sun. I even wore them for Christmas because the colours match the festive colour palette and I plan to keep wearing them in spring and summer.


Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about my Nike SB Janoski “Beach”. It feels wrong wearing them when it’s raining and the sun is hidden away. I really wish I could wear them more often, which is why I’m looking forward to spring!


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