Sneaker Spotlight #5: Nike SB Dunk Mid “4711” a.k.a. “Peacock”

cologne dunk

To celebrate the move of Sneaker Freaker from the 4711-Haus in Ehrenfeld I am going to focus today’s Sneaker Spotlight on the oldest pair in my rotation: The Nike SB Dunk Pro Mid “Peacock” aka “4711”.

These released back in 2007 (not that old really…) as part of the “Gentleman’s Pack” consisting of an “Old Spice” Dunk Low, a “Brut” Dunk High and the aforementioned “4711”. They are all inspired by the fragrances of the same name. 

My dad brought these to my attention shortly after I started getting into sneakers. Hailing from Cologne, where the famous Kölnisch Wasser originated from, these were a must-cop for me.

While the 4711 Kölnisch Wasser was not the first Eau de Cologne it is arguably the most famous. The original factory at Glockengasse Nº 4711, which gave the fragrance its name, is a popular tourist attraction.

I find it odd that the shoe is more commonly known as the “Peacock Dunk” rather than the “4711 Dunk” because all the other shoes in the pack are named after the fragrances that inspired their design. But it is easy to see why: the black peacock motif from the 4711 bottle is prominent on the shoe’s upper.

I stumbled across these on ebay in 2013. They were in US 10 and wasn’t sure if they would fit because I had heard that SB Dunks run a little small because of the extra padding. Nevertheless I pulled the trigger on them for $150 because there was only one other pair on ebay at the time and they were listed for $329.99.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Dunk Mid, mostly because of the strap, but the colourway and inspiration won me over. So I am very happy I managed to get my hands on these.


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