What’s On My Mind Wednesday #5: How to lace Nike Air Yeezy 2


I have had my Yeezy 2s for more than two and a half years now and I wore them a lot. Yet I still haven’t figured out how you are supposed to lace them properly. If you don’t own a pair of Yeezys you are probably asking yourselves: “How hard can it be to tie a pair of shoes?”

I am still unsure how one is supposed to use lace locks on casual sneakers. I had the same problem with my Air Jordan Son of Mars. My research suggested that runners cut off their laces beyond the lace locks on their trainers.

But that surely wasn’t what Yeezy himself had in mind. He usually wore his shoes with the laces loose. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option for me because my Yeezys were a size and a half too big (mine are US 12, I should be wearing US 10.5). So maybe those of you that own a pair of Yeezys in your size don’t even share my struggle.

But the metal obelisk aglets (decorative lace tips) are a common issue with the shoe. While their shape contributes to the ancient Egyptian theme of the shoe and they look pretty cool, they are super impractical. They are very heavy and swing about when you tie your laces regularly. This creates a lot of noise while walking and cause the laces to become undone.

I have seen a few people who have decided to take off the obelisk aglets so they can tie up their Yeezys like any other shoe. Others didn’t chose to rock their Yeezys sans aglets but were forced to do so after losing them. The aglets are very prone to coming off the screws when walking. Since I wanted to keep everything on the shoe the way Kanye had intended I tried to prevent mine from unscrewing with clear nail polish. Now I am literally stuck with them so I had to come up with a solution that works with the aglets.


The picture above shows how I initially tied my Yeezys: a regular knot under the lace locks with the ends of the laces woven into the laces along the tongue. This prevents the aglets from swinging about but makes tying and untying the shoes very complicated. It appears that the laces on my Yeezys are very long (probably because they are US 12) which makes the bow look too big.


Later I tried to incorporate the strap into the way I tie my shoes. Again I went for the knot under the lace locks but instead of weaving the laces above the tongue I secured them under the velcro strap. This makes it easier to tie and untie the shoe. However, pulling the strap tight caused the hard side of the velcro to fray the mesh on the toe-box. I don’t know if this also happens on Yeezys that are worn true to size so this solution might work better for others.


But it didn’t work for me. So I tried something different. In an effort to keep the aglets from moving around I went for the knot pulled tight until the aglets were all the way up at the top. I had to go for a double knot as the heavy aglets always made the simple knot come undone. The problem with this was that it made the bow appear even bigger than the other two methods. But it was the simplest of all three so I stayed committed to it for a very long time.

Until my Yeezys were featured in a Sneaker Freaker sneaker circle during Sneakerness Paris. I had come to peace with my lacing technique, but the “lace police” was all over this picture. And even though there were 2,500+ likes on the photo all I saw was @johnnythrorocks thinking the lace job on my Yeezys was “not doing them justice”.

So it was back to the drawing board to find a better way to lace my Yeezys. I came up with a new personal favourite that is probably not the best way to tie them, but it addresses all the issues I had previously been confronted with.IMG_5367To do this you must pull the laces all the way through the top-facing side of the lace lock and do a simple loop knot without pulling it tight. This way the aglets remain in place under the lace lock but the loop on top is not too big. And the knot remains easy to undo.

Finding this solution should not have been this hard. I probably made this a lot more complicated than it needed to be. Nevertheless I am happy with what I have. But this should by no means be the end of my research. I will find the ideal way to lace my Yeezys.

Maybe you can help me out.

How do you tie your Yeezys? Or how do you deal with lace locks in general?

Let me know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind Wednesday #5: How to lace Nike Air Yeezy 2

  1. You should use the lace lock by putting the laces through the top loops and putting them through one of the bottom loops. Then put the laces under the strap. The strap will prevent them from making noise and swinging, and you won’t have to deal with the knots.


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