What’s On My Mind Wednesday #3: Sweatpants

IMG_5029I was never big on wearing sweatpants casually unless I was on my way to P.E. In that case I would always wear Adidas Firebird Pants over my shorts but I never trained in them. Else I would only wear sweatpants at home.

I generally shied away from wearing sweatpants in public because of the social stigma. Sweatpants were generally associated with Asis (German equivalent of chavs). You know… the guys who tucked them into their socks?

chavsBut sweatpants have slowly but surely come back into style. The Olympic Games 2012 really helped sportswear become recognised as fashion. We have since seen people wearing Frees and Flyknits and girls casually wearing yoga pants, for better and for worse (some people really shouldn’t be wearing yoga pants…).

When Nike announced the Tech Fleece Pack last year they intended for it to be worn by athletes. But the collection found success as streetwear with the Tech Fleece pants being a particularly popular product.

IMG_5019Those pants, along with an interview with Gary Aspden in the latest Sneaker Freaker Magazine, in which he claims that the mainstream media have undeservedly demonised the track suit, and advocates sweatpants as an everyday clothing item, encouraged me to re-evaluate my opinion on them.

The cut of the pants appealed to me as they were neither baggy nor skin tight as most variations of sweatpants tend to be. The Tech Fleece technology is also fantastic with its light and soft fabric that keeps you warm. And the tight fit around the ankles meant that they were ideal for showing off high top sneakers.


I love wearing high top sneakers, the Dunk being on of my favourite silhouettes, and I don’t like how my pants would usually cover up the shoes. I tried to pinroll them, and while it looks alright with most low tops it looks really weird with high tops. Sweatpants on the other hand tuck in nicely behind the tongue.

I’m glad that wearing sweatpants has become more acceptable in 2014. I have stocked up on a few different Tech Fleece pants so I can match them with different shoes in my rotation. Hopefully the future will bring more interesting and fashionable styles and create a greater appreciation for sweatpants.

Do feel wearing sweatpants has become more acceptable? Do you wear sweatpants sometimes or do you prefer wearing regular jeans?

Let me know in the comments below.



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