Sneaker Spotlight #1: Nike SB x Diamond Supply Dunk High “Tiffany”


Sneaker Spotlight is the final of my three weekly series I have planned for this blog (as you may have guessed by now that I am quite the fan alliterations). For this series I will highlight one shoe from my rotation by posting a couple of photos accompanied by some words about my thoughts on the shoe.

For the first entry in this series I decided to highlight a shoe that I already introduced in my last Flashback Friday: The Nike SB x Diamond Supply Dunk High “Tiffany”. I already told you the story on how I got a hold of these (you can read that here) so let me tell you why I bought them.


I really like the Tiffany Blue/Aqua/Crystal Mint/Mint or whateveryou want to call them colours. When you mix them with black, the way Nike and Nicky Diamond did, it creates a dope colour combo that just works with virtually everything.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of the Dunk Lows I really liked the first collaboration between Nike SB and Diamond Supply. The aqua with the black croc print and that white midsole just looks super clean. However their market value was and is just way too high for me to want to pick up a pair. That’s why I was especially happy to hear that they were bringing them back as a high top.


I love the Dunk Highs, they are definitely among my top three silhouettes. What I love most about them are the awesome collaborative projects that Nike SB did with them, the Tiffanys being a prime example. Black/Mint is Diamond’s signature colour combination making the shoe a true reflection of their brand, which I really dig.

The shoe also makes me think of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Like Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly this shoe and the colours are super classy. Unfortunately the materials are not as elegant. I would have hoped for some premium materials because I know that Nike can do a lot better… Nevertheless, I love this shoe.



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